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Third Round of Talks between the Government of Chad and the UN on the Future Mandate of MINURCAT

N’Djamena, 23 April 2010 – Following earlier consultations, Representatives from the Government of Chad and from the United Nations Secretariat on 23 March 2010, initiated a third round of talks regarding the mandate and the future configuration of MINURCAT. << read more in PDF>>

Mr. Youssef Mahmoud of Tunisia Appointed as New Head of MINURCAT

N’Djamena, 1 April 2010 – The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, appointed Mr. Youssef Mahmoud as his Acting Special Representative of the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT) to replace Mr. Victor Angelo, who retired at the end of March. << Read more in PDF>>

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Nepalese Medal Parade Ceremony
In a colorful parade mounted by the Nepalese battalion and attended by civilian and military authorities, MINURCAT force commander, Major-general El Hadji Mouhamadou Kandji, presented medals to 567 Nepalese soldiers and one staff officer from Pakistan, after completing a six-month of service in the force.
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UNV Project Rehabilitates Iriba High School

The United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) in Chad have developed a project for the rehabilitation of Iriba High School, the only one in the department of Kobé. It was built in 1996 as a donation from the Département des Hauts de Seine in France and has since then never been renovated. The UNVs decided to undertake the project as part of the UNV mandate to Volunteer for Development (V4D) in an attempt to remedy to the poor learning/teaching conditions of the students and teachers. Local authorities as well as the Inspector of Education of the department of Kobé welcomed the project and were wholly involved in its implementation. The rehabilitation project has finally reached completion and the high school will be inaugurated on 7 May 2010.

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Inauguration of Norwegian Deployable Hospital

Abeche-- The Norwegian Deployable Hospital will provide Level II medical support to all MINURCAT personnel.  read more in PDF

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Stigma & Discrimination . read more in PDF
MINURCAT Police Herald - January - April 2009
Common Goal - More secure East of Chad - read more in PDF
HIV/AIDS-- April 2009
The Red Ribbon .  read more in PDF
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