Corrections Unit

In view of Resolution 1778, the MINURCAT Corrections Advisory Unit was established to support the establishment of safe and secure prisons in the area of operations. The Unit will also advise and assist the Government of Chad in the implementation of a humane and professional prison system that conforms to applicable international standards.
Main activities of the Corrections Advisory Unit include the reconstruction and/or rehabilitation of prison structures in Abeche, Goz Beida, Biltine, Guereda, Iriba, and Farchana. The Corrections Unit will support the prison administration towards the setting up, recruitment, training and deployment of a prison corps in the area of operation while working to improve the living conditions in several prisons throughout the area of operations. The Corrections advisory Unit provides technical support to the Prison Administration towards its restructuring exercise.
The Corrections Advisory Unit is composed of 7 International civilian staff, 25 seconded staff being contributions from member states and 2 nationals. These staff members shall be deployed to all the prison facilities within the area of operation providing daily support to prison officials through co-location with a liaison office in N’Djamena.
For more information on MINURCAT’s Corrections Advisory Unit, please contact: Patience Naa Oboshie Sai, Chief of Corrections Unit,