The Military Liaison Group (MLG) is mandated through Resolution 1778 to establish and maintain liaison with EUFOR, the National Armies of Chad and CAR (ANT/FACA), the French Forces, the United Nations Missions in Darfur/Sudan (UNAMID and UNMIS) and the Central African Multinational Forces (FOMUC-CEMAC) in CAR. Maintaining these close liaison networks, the MLG provides necessary military advice to the mission leadership and contributes to MINURCAT’s situational awareness, threat assessment and risk evaluation. In support of the UN police and civilian mission, the MLG also encourages and contributes to the development of the civil-military network and assists in the promotion of good communication and coordination with International Organizations (IOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) related to MINURCAT and EUFOR military issues. At the same time, the MLG provides specialist military officers to the Joint Operation and Joint Mission Analysis Centers for situational awareness, communication, reporting, liaising, crisis management and military analysis and assessment with the view of supporting integrated planning and decision making. The MLG remains prepared, in liaison with EUFOR, to develop plans as required by UN Headquarters in New York for the UN follow-on force/mission.
      One of the MLG's greatest challenges has been to maintain a strong and secure liaison network despite logistical constraints. In spite of this challenge, the MLG has further strengthened cooperation both in logistics and operations with EUFOR and CONAFIT at all levels, exchanging information on situational awareness and security-related matters. The MLG also increased joint visits to the communities to establish relations with local authorities, strengthened coordination of activities with key humanitarian aid agencies and established a liaison mechanism. The MLG is preparing to form the nucleus of UN military components in upcoming days.
     A total of 44 military liaison officers have been deployed within the area of operations. These officers are distributed as follows: nine in N’Djamena, eight in Abeche, four each in Farchana, Goz Beida, Iriba, and Birao in the Central African Republic. At the same time, two officers are being deployed each in Guereda, Chad and El-Fasher, Sudan. In addition, an officer is embedded in the EUFOR operational headquarters in Mont Valérien, France, while three officers each form part of the Joint Mission Analysis and the Joint Operations Centers to provide military expertise to the mission leadership.
     For more information on the MLG at MINURCAT, please contact the following personnel:
CMLO - Colonel Francois NDIAYE at
Desk Officer, JMAC – Lieutenant Colonel Bahtiar JARASHEV at
Person of Contact, Administration & Personnel - Major Md HAKIMUZZAMAN at