In view of Resolution 1778, MINURCAT’s HIV/AIDS Unit was established to support UNAIDS and other actors on HIV/AIDS initiatives in the area of operations, as well as raise awareness and provide educational activities on HIV/AIDS prevention and response within MINURCAT.

Main activities in the HIV/AIDS Unit include supporting HIV/AIDS sensitization projects in the area of operations, supporting access to voluntary testing facilities, and implementing HIV/AIDS-related Quick-Impact Projects for refugees, internally displaced persons, and members of the host population. The Unit is also responsible for the distribution of PEP kits to MINURCAT and other humanitarian workers.

The MINURCAT HIV/AIDS Unit is composed of 2 international staff, 3 national staff, and 1 UN Volunteer. Staff members are deployed in Abeche with travel to the regions in the area of operations.

For more information regarding the HIV/AIDS Unit at MINURCAT, please contact Dr. Maria Rosa Hernandez, Chief HIV/AIDS Officer,