MINURCAT’s Judicial Advisory Unit is mandated through Resolution 1778 and 1861 to assist the Government of Chad in the promotion of the rule of law, through support of an independent judiciary and a strengthened legal system, in close coordination with the UN Country Team. The Judicial Advisory Unit works to support and build the capacity of Chadian judicial institutions to operate in a manner which is in accordance with the Chadian Constitution and laws, as well as consistent with international norms and standards. The Judicial Advisory Unit is tasked with supporting the implementation of the D.I.S. (Chadian Police) concept of operations regarding arrest and detention, supporting the harmonization of the traditional justice system with existing legal institutions, strengthening the legal capacity of justice officials, and aiding the government’s efforts to facilitate equal access to justice.

Main activities of the Judicial Advisory Unit include creating a tracking system for cases of arrest and detention by the D.I.S., supporting projects to strengthen the delivery of formal justice in the area of operations, and promoting a juvenile justice approach that conforms to international standards. The Unit works with the Ministry of Justice, the judicial authorities, the Chadian Bar Association and humanitarian actors in the field to carry out these activities.
The Judicial Advisory Unit is composed of 8 international staff and 7 national staff.  Staff members are deployed throughout the area of operations, including in N'D'jamena, Abeche, Iriba, Farchana and Goz Beida.
For more information on the MINURCAT Judicial Advisory Unit, please contact Dominique Eliaers-Wouters, Head of the Judicial advisory Unit, at +235 690 0200 or eliaers-wouters@un.org