The United Nations Police at MINURCAT is charged with the establishment and successful operation of the Détachement Intégré de Sécurité. More commonly referred to as the “DIS,” the Détachement Intégré de Sécurité was established by Presidential Decree on 27 September 2008. The DIS is a force composed of selected members of the Chadian Police and Gendarmerie, tasked with maintaining law and order in refugee camps, sites with concentrations of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and key towns in neighbouring areas. The ultimate goal of the DIS is to assist in securing humanitarian activities in eastern Chad. This force, envisaged in the Report of the Secretary General 488 (2007), is sanctioned by Security Council Resolution 1778 (2007), which establishes a multi-dimensional security presence in eastern Chad.  The DIS are trained and mentored by the United Nations Police.  The responsibilities of the DIS to maintain law and order and the responsibilities of the UN Police to monitor and support the element are laid out in a Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 14 August 2008 by the United Nations and the Government of Chad.

In addition to supporting the DIS, MINURCAT UNPol liaises with the police in Chad and the Central African Republic to contribute to the creation of a more secure environment. UNPol also maintains liaison with EUFOR, the military force responsible for the “security umbrella” put in place for the protection of civilians, particularly refugees, IDPs and UN personnel and facilities.  

As of October 2009, approximately 250 UN Police Officers and 850 DIS Officers have been deployed throughout the area of operations, covering Abéché, Gaga, Farchana, Bredjing, Treguine, Goz Beida, Goz Amer, Djabal, Koukou, Guéréda, Mile, Kounoungou, Iriba, Iridimi, Touloum, Am Nabak, Bahaï, and Oure Cassoni.