MINURCAT Quick Impact Project delivers radios to Refugees, IDPs and local women

7 May 2009

MINURCAT Quick Impact Project delivers radios to Refugees, IDPs and local women

N'Djamena, 5 May 2009 -- Refugee, displaced, and local women are now able to access radio broadcasts through an initiative led by MINURCAT's Civil and Political Affairs Section. With the help of NGO partner Internews, the Quick-Impact Project (QIP) is distributing 432 solar-powered radios to women's committees throughout 12 refugee camps, 9 IDP sites, and selected local areas.

While the initiative seeks to reinforce harmonious community living through the supply of radios in communal locations, such as water points, health centers, and youth centers, the devices are entrusted to women leaders. These women are responsible for the administration and handling of the equipment, empowering them to work together to facilitate use of the radios in their care. The radio distribution includes a sensitization campaign to speak with community leaders and allow them to select women trustees for the equipment, as well as a training session to teach the women how to operate the radios. MINURCAT will follow-up on the proper use of radios.

The QIP will allow the women, children, and men of each community to listen to radio programming designed specifically for them. Internews is adapting its programming to include gender-based broadcasts, and MINURCAT will develop sensitization campaigns to be aired on a variety of topics, including HIV/AIDS, intercommunity dialogue and women and children's rights. Beneficiaries will also have the opportunity to express their own concerns and issues through the radio broadcasts.

Radios are distributed in camps and sites with the assistance of UNHCR and the camp and site managers.