Regional Human rights Forum in Abeche

9 Nov 2009

Regional Human rights Forum in Abeche

Abeche, 28 October 2009 -- A two-day regional forum to discuss human rights issues ended on 28 October in Abeche, eastern Chad. The forum, organized by the Chadian Ministry of Human Rights and supported by the Human Rights Section of MINURCAT, discussed prevalent human rights issues in eastern and northern Chad. The forum will lead to a National Human Rights Forum to be held in N'djamena in November.

Speaking at the Forum, the Chadian minister for Human Rights, Abdaramane Djasnabaille, lamented the phenomenon of violence against women and children which he said, was widespread in Chad. He called on the public to spearhead the eradication of human rights violations by reporting the cases without fear. On his part the new governor of Ouaddai, Kedallah Younouss Hamed, bemoaned the state of insecurity in Abeche and the surrounding areas. He commended the Police and DIS for tireless work and speedy reaction. Other human rights issues highlighted by various speakers included impunity, insecurity of the judges and the Rights of women and children.

The forum was attended by four eastern and northern regions; Ouaddai, Wadi Fira, Dar Sila, Ennedi as well as refugees and IDPs representatives.

At the closing session, the SRSG Victor Angelo said, the convening of the forum at this particular time was a courageous act on the part of the government as it demonstrated its commitment to human rights issues. He pledged further technical and material support from MINURCAT .