Support to the fight against HIV/AIDS

15 Apr 2009

Support to the fight against HIV/AIDS

Abeche, 21 March 2009 – Within the framework of supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS, MINURCAT financed two QIPs (Quick Impact Project) initiated respectively by the "Association tchadienne de marketing social au Tchad (AMASOT)" and the "Club de réflexion et d'Action culturelle de l'Université Adam Barka (CRAC)" in Abeche.

The QIP intended for sex workers was executed by AMASOT with the objective of training 28 peer educators. These peer educators will in turn sensitize the sex workers on the prevention of HIV transmission and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Abeche. The training inaugurated by the Chief of HIV/AIDS section, Dr. Maria Rosa Hernandez, took place in Abeche from 11 to 13 March 2009 and its follow-up will be carried out by AMASOT.

Another QIP executed by CRAC aims to sensitize youth in high schools and higher level education in Abeche took place between 11 and 21 March. The official launching ceremony of this activity was presided by the Secretary General of the Governorate of Ouaddai and attended by several members of the United Nations system, humanitarian personnel, Public administration personnel, teaching staff, students of the university Adam Barka as well as high school students from Abeche. Some 3000 students and the population at large were sensitized on HIV/AIDS through the radio waves of La Voix du OUADDAI for 10 days.

The solid participation and interest shown by the youth in the different awareness and information sessions materialized into commitments for the free, anonymous, voluntary, and confidential screening of 323 university and high school students in Abeche.